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JON BAAS :: Actor / Artist / Entrepreneur

Jon Baas

Jon's online store

Jon Baas DesignsT-Shirts, gifts, and original fine art created by  Jon Baas.

Categories Include:
- Star Trek T-Shirts
- Actor T-Shirts
- Christian T-Shirts
- Landscape Art
- Jon Baas Art Prints

Popular t-shirts, award-winning art, and more. Great gifts for you and your home!

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Currently, I am playing the role of Ensign Jonathan Sylveste in the Star Trek audio series, "Star Trek: Excelsior". Visit my credits page to view the episodes in which I appear.

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I'm an actor, artist, entrepreneur; blogger, writer, director; Christian, husband & friend.

As an actor, I've had roles in Hollywood/Indie movies, profressional stage productions, internet/audio projects, and ten years as a historical/Civil War reenactor. I have a great imagination, and I play pretend for a living.

As an artist, I recreate the endless beauty I see around me. I'm fascinated by light, and I love color. My professional work ranges from fine art to commercial design, and has been sold around the world.

As an entrepreneur, I am self-employed, I run my own business, and I design my own successful line of t-shirts and licensed retail products.

I am a strong Christian (Lutheran), I am the eldest of six siblings (four of whom are U.S. Military Veterans), and I have a strong interest in American history, Star Trek, science fiction and telling great stories!


Jon Baas Designs:
Star Trek Gifts
Actor T-Shirts
Jon Baas Art
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