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Portraits and Commissions:

Many customers are interested in having custom portraits or art pieces done to their specifications. One of my specialties is graphite portraiture. I am also skilled in landscape art as well as still life. I can put my award-winning creative skills to work for you.

See some of my artwork examples.

The Process:
  • You email me your contact information, the project details, and any photo sources you would like me to work from. I then quote you a price, and send an appropriate contract.
  • You send payment, according to the contractual format.
  • Once I have recieved your payment (and it has cleared), I start working on your commissioned project.
  • If there are no image sources provided, a rough sketch/es will be provided to you. You then give me the ok to go ahead, or suggest any alternations you feel the sketch needs.
  • I finish the artwork, and deliver it in your preferred format.

Commission Format:
If your commission has been completed in traditional media you will get the original -- and you get the option to recieve it as a digital file(s) suitable for upload onto a website and of high enough quality to print out on your own personal printer at home.

Completion Time:
Completion time on commissions change depending on how busy I am at any point in time. Feel free to email me if you'd like to find out just how long it would take me to complete a particular commission.

Image Rights:
I usually retain copyright to all images I create. However, depending upon the nature of the image created, and the contract agreement, I am willing to transfer copyrights to the client. Usually, though, only I can reproduce the image (this applies to both profit and non-profit situations) for anything other than personal use.

My images may be licensed for use if you'd like to use them commercially. If you would like to buy the license or reproduction rights to an image please don't hesitate to email me.

I retain the right to post all images of my creation on this web site, or any other, for personal promotion unless otherwise specified. If you wish to provide me with a link to your homepage and email, I will post them alongside the art you have commissioned.

Please Note: The Internet is merely another tool for reproduction and publishing, but it does have special rules. If you commission artwork and you would like to put the image on a webpage you must:

- notify me beforehand
- credit me directly underneath the image
- provide a link to this site for visitors to access, alongside the image.

Payment Options:
All payments on private commissions are generally upfront (or half at start, and half upon completion for large commissions). This is to avoid people bowing out at the time payment is due, or even skipping town with my hard work. It is an unfortunate policy, but necessary.

At the moment I accept:
- Credit Cards, via PayPal
- Draft/ Check, via your bank
- International Money Transfer, via your bank

For your records/safety and mine, I do not currently accept cash. At the moment I only accept personal checks from the US and Canada.

Extras available for purchase:
I will also be happy to offer the following services for your project. They are, however, in addition to the cost of your commission:

1.) Your files burned on CD. -- $3
2.) A professionally-framed print. -- cost dependant on frame size.

Please contact me if you are interested.

The prices on the commission do not include postage and handling charges. I'll email you the figure for the postage costs apon recieving a commission request, based on your country and state.

Sizing Details:
I typically create my graphite portaits on smooth or vellum quality paper. A standard pencil portrait is created on 14"x17" paper. Other commissioned requests can be on varied paper stock and sizes. Pricing would be appropriate to the request.

Please contact me directly to discuss your idea.

Please read the copyrights and legal disclaimer page for important information that may apply to you.

Pricing Chart

14x17 Portrait

Additional Sizes

Contact me
Digital Art



Files on CD:


Dependant on Size

Professional Print

Liscensing Rights

Contact Jon

Shipping (original)
$10 (estimate)

Contact Jon

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