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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I commission you to do my project?
Well, quite honestly, I don't try to be your typical cookie-cutter artist. I like to reflect my own personality in my art and my one-on-one design philosophy with the clients I work with. I try to be honest, trustworthy, and cooperative with the ideas you are looking for. I am not an artist becasue the money might be good; I'm an artist because I love art, and because I have an unquenchable passion for good design.

How much do you charge?
I determine my rates based upon what you need created, how quickly you need it, and the rights you want to retain once the project is completed. I try to keep my rates standard, ethical, and at a level appropriate to my skills and abilities as an artist.

Are you a professionally trained artist?
Yes. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art/Graphics Art from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI, where I attended on a 4 year academic scholarship. In 2003 I started working as a freelance artist, and the work has been growing ever since.

Do you have a gift store?
Yes, yes I do. Click Here!

What is your favorite color?
I probably favor earth tones, such as greens and so forth. However, asking an artist what his favorite color is, it much like asking a mother who her favorite child is. I love all color, and fortunately, we artists have a vast color spectrum to choose from!

How long have you been an artist?
I've been drawing since as far back as I can remember. In grade school I can remember doodling and drawing wherever there was paper and a pencil. In high school I had graduated to painting theatrical backdrops and filling up sketch books with a multitude of designs and drawings. And, by the time college came around, I had moved up even further toward my art degree, and sought to gain experience in graphite and digital art.

What's your favorite art media?
Honestly, I think I enjoy graphite portraiture the most (aka, pencil portraits). Perhaps second to that would be digital art of varying topics and themes. I'm skilled in a wide variety of media, though, so sometimes it's rather hard for me to put a finger on a favorite. I just love art overall.

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