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Graphic Design:

If you're looking for a logo, promotional material, or perhaps just a unique corporate design project, you've come to the right place. I'm all about creativity, and I am certain I can make that work to your advantage!

If requested, all graphic design options can be included on a CD.

Logo Design:
I will provide you with four possible logo designs. You then choose one. Suggestions and final adjustements of the chosen design are welcomed, so long as they do not exceed 3 hours of time. Final logo image(s) can be provided in a variety of digital file formats.

Retail Licensing:
This option exists to allow a customer to license one of my designs or artworks for use on their own product. I retain original ownership of the imagery, but will give you permission to use it for the duration of the contract. For licensing of imagery for use on your own product(s), I will receive 5% of the sale price.

If you would like to buy the license or reproduction rights to an image please don't hesitate to email me.

Ad Design:
I can provide you with three ad design options: a classified ad, a yellow page ad, or a flyer to post around town. Pricing will be the same whether it is color or black and white, and changes to additional runs of your ad, constitute a new ad. Normal ad design fees would apply.

Print Package:
I currently do not offer a specific print package. At present, it is assumed you will be working with your own choice of printer, and I am merely serving as the designer. I am happy to prepare the images to print specs, but I currently do not offer printing services.

Completion Time:
Completion time on design work depends on how busy I am at any given point in time. Generally, however, I try to base my project deadlines upon your own time constraints. Feel free to email me if you'd like to find out just how long it would take me to complete a particular project.

Image Rights:
I retain all copyrights to any images I design -- unless specifically stated in any contractual agreements. This means that only I can reproduce the image (this applies to both profit and non-profit situations!) for anything other than personal use.

In the case of logos, and other corporate identity, however, you can negotiate for exclusive ownership.

I also retain the right to post all images of my creation on this web site, or any other, for personal promotion unless otherwise specified. If you wish to provide me with a link to your website and email, I will gladly post them alongside the displayed imagery.

Payment Options:
All payments on corporate graphic design projects are in the form of a partial downpayment before I begin the project, and the remainder due upon completion and delivery.

At the moment I accept:
- Credit Cards, via PayPal
- Draft/ Check, via your bank
- International Money Transfer, via your bank

For your records/safety and mine, I do not currently accept cash. At the moment I only accept personal checks from the US and Canada.

Please contact me directly for a FREE quote!

Please read the copyrights and legal disclaimer page for important information that may apply to you.

Pricing Chart

Logo Design
4 sample designs (choose one)
3 hours of final adjustments

Retail Licensing
Permission to use imagery
Non-exclusive license
5% of sale price

Business Design
Business card

Single Print Design
Choose one:
- postcard
- business card
- letterhead

Print Package
Not currently offered

Ad Design
Full page - $80+
1/2 page - $50+
1/4 page - $25+

Contact Jon

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