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USS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise 1701-D
I produce and direct this popular online, social Star Trek fan series, told from the perspective of the characters who work in the USS Enterprise-D Public Affairs Office.
(series website) -- (facebook story page)

Starship ExcelsiorStarship Excelsior
I voice the character of helm officer and fighter pilot, Ensign Jon Sylveste, in this long-running online Star Trek audio series.
(see website)


Height: 6' 1"
Eyes: green / hazel
Hair: light brown
Birthday: February 18, 1980
Faith: Christian (WELS Lutheran)
Status: married


Favorite Color: I am fond of many colors
Favorite Flower: lilacs, wildflowers
Favorite Food: fresh bread straight out of the oven
Favorite Beverage: flavored water
Favorite Restaurant: Applebee's, Olive Garden
Favorite Dessert: warm apple pie
Favorite Vacation Spot: the mountains
Favorite Time of the Year:: Spring, Autumn
Favorite Male Actors: Nathan Fillion, Scott Bakula, Tim Allen
Favorite Female Actors: Gal Gadot
Favorite Male TV Hosts:Josh Gates ("Expedition Unknown")
Favorite Female TV Hosts:(none at this time)
Favorite Historical Figures: American pioneers, industrial age entrepreneurs
Favorite TV Characters: too many to list
Favorite Superheroes:Captain America, Wonder Woman
Favorite Movies: science fiction, romantic comedies
Favorite Car: Ford Mustang (modern)
Favorite Type of Pet: cat / kittens
Favorite Technology: computer, fictional Star Trek technolgy
Favorite Sports Team: Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)
Favorite Pasttime: creativity, storytelling, baseball, Star Trek
My Perfect Date: my wife


What is your favorite word? -- "create"

What is you least favorite word? -- "hate"

What turns you on? -- simple, natural beauty

What turns you off? -- pessimism, hatred, dishonesty, greed

What sound do you love? -- a babbling brook in a quiet forest

What sound do you hate?  -- a loud urban construction zone

What profession would you like to attempt? -- time-traveler

What profession would you not like to participate in? -- lawyer

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? -- "Welcome home!"


Earn a speaking role in a Star Trek film, series or visual project.

Spend time exploring the history and splendor of the Rocky Mountains.

Visit Greece and Rome. Explore the birthplace of theater. Investigate the art.

Visit England and Ireland.

Spend a week on a cruise ship.


Is there a way for me to ask you a question?
Sure! I love questions! Send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. Or take a moment and send me an email. I'll respond as soon as I am able.

What talent agency represents you?
I am currently self-represented. If you need to need to discuss talent issues, or if you have a project to discuss, please contact me directly.

What was your very first acting role?
My first acting role was as the drummer boy for a Confederate American Civil War reenacting group back in 1988. I was eight years old at the time.

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI with a BA in Art. Before that, I attended St. Croix Lutheran High School in West St. Paul, MN.

What is your favorite kind of art to create?
I like drawing portraits, and anything that has to do with the beauty of nature. I also enjoy digital art, photography and creative writing.

Is this really your official website?
Yes it is. I maintain it myself.

What's your favorite acting role to play?
Character roles that tell of the human condition, or make people laugh. I am also fond of characters within the Star Trek universe.

Feel free to send me any questions that you have, and I might post them here.

- Brillion, Wisconsin, USA

-  INTJ -- (learn more)

What I'm collecting:
- Knowledge
- Star Trek Resources
- Star Trek Story Ideas
- Star Trek: CCG
- Themed Lego
- Creative Ideas
- Life Experiences

Favorite Music:
- Modern Country
- 80's Rock
- Irish / Celtic
- Orchestral Film Scores

Favorite TV Shows: (current)
- Arrow
- Blue Bloods
- Conan

- Expedition Unknown
- Last Man Standing

- World News Now

Favorite TV Shows: (past)
- Agent Carter
- Castle
- Daredevil
- Due South
- Earth 2
- Firefly
- Forever
- Frasier
- Quantum Leap

- Rising Star
- Stargate SG-1
- Star Trek (franchise)
- Terra Nova
- The Big Bang Theory
- The Colony
- The Last Ship
- Treehouse Masters