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"Fifteen Days in Hollywood"
The personal experiences of actor, Jon Baas, on the set of the Hollywood film, "Mr. 3000".

Mr. 3000 on-set photo
Film Release -  September 24, 2004  (Wide)

During my fifteen (15) days on the set of "Mr. 3000", I decided to keep a personal journal of my experiences -- both for my own reference, and others. I kept a few notes, and wrote them here in my weblog.

This is that journal.

"Mr. 3000" was filmed in both Miller Park -- home of the Milwaukee Brewers -- in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as down in the state of Louisiana. I was heavily involved in the filming in Milwaukee.

For those fifteen days on-set, I assumed the role of a Brewers basebll fan (of which I am one in real life anyway). I will be featured on-screen when the film is released, so keep your eyes open. You'll have to read the journals to find out the details though... But it's a good story if I may say so myself!

While on-set, I also I got to work with such stars as Bernie Mac and Michael Rispoli, as well as a number of the crew, including head camera man, Charles Papert. It was a wonderful experience, and one I'm thrilled to be able to share with you!

So, sit back, and feel free to puruse the journal entries, as collected below. You can click on the titles to be taken directly to each individual entry, or you can start with the first one, and read upwards in the archived entries.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

On the Set: Day One (1) - (Monday, June 30, 2003)

"By the time the day of filming was done, I'd met many people, most of them made of cardboard, I'd enjoyed a surprisingly delicious (free) lunch, met Bernie Mac, spent my first visit inside the spectacular Miller Park since it was built, and made my way prominantly into some excellent shots. What more can you ask for? What better job is there?!!"

On the Set: Day Two (2) - (Monday, July 14, 2003)

"It was interesting today though to see the 'stars' in action. Bernie Mac again made a point of stopping by the rest of us, shaking hands, chatting, cracking jokes(!), and generally inquiring about our well-being. He didn't have to do that, but he seemed to want to. I'm really starting to appreciate that guy. He really is a class act."

On the Set: Day Three (3) - (Tuesday, July 15, 2003)

"After we all ate, and a few moves later, we ended up being located directly above the outfield wall for a homerun scene. One of Bernie Mac's teammates, played by Brian J. White (who I guess is a pretty good ballplayer in real life), was the featured 'hitter'. We were the crowd reaction shot out in dead center field...."

On the Set: Day Four (4) - (Wednesday, July 16, 2003)

"Today actually ended up being a shorter day on-set -- shorter, at least as far as filming a Hollywood movie goes. Normally a day of shooting lasts 12 hours on average. Today I was only there for eight."

On the Set: Day Five (5): The Flat Ones - (Thursday, July 17, 2003)

"Flat people (generic 'seat-filler' cardboard cutouts that can double as fans sitting in the stands of sports stadiums), are nearly indistinguishable from live fans sitting near them. Up close they clearly look like multiple copies of 12 different cutouts, but from a distance, and mixed in with live fans, they look just like everyone else. You end up having a very hard time distinguising the two...."

On the Set: Day Six (6): En-Masse! - (Friday, July 18, 2003)

"Friday was perhaps the most exciting day for me on-set so far, and for a number of reasons. It was another all-night shoot, but also a HUGE event, involving 25,000 unpaid volunteer extras...."

On the Set: Day Seven (7) - (Monday, July 21, 2003)

"No matter what you may hear, work within the movie business is not glamourous. Even if popular culture makes it look that way.... You gotta experience it and make your own decisions...."

On the Set: Day Eight (8) - (Tuesday, July 22, 2003)

"I actually found it amusing though to watch this particular scene play out over and over. Bernie Mac's character, Stan Ross, is a pompous egotistical ballplayer at the time of this milestone 3000th hit in 1995. For this hit, Stan taunts the pitcher, who, in turn fans him with a close pitch, knocking him down...."

On the Set: Day Nine (9) - (Wednesday, July 23, 2003)

"Strangely, it was cold in the stadium. Cold enough that a jacket would have been nice. The retractable roof was open, and an unusually cold summer breeze blew in. Isn't it supposed to be warm and muggy at night around here, especially in the dead of summer?...."

On the Set: Day Ten (10): Meeting Some Hollywood Notables - (Friday, July 25, 2003)

"Before the shot was up, Bernie's starting position was right beside me each time. So, as we all awaited the familiar order, "Rolling, and.... ACTION...", I stood there, listening to his friendly conversation with a woman right across the aisle (no doubt making her day!)...."

On the Set: Day Eleven (11) - (Saturday, July 26, 2003)

"Most of the filming on the field this evening was a very interesting scene. Do you remember the old "hidden ball" trick in baseball? You know, the one where the ballplayer pretends to return the ball to the pitcher, and then returns to his respective base. When the opposing team's runner steps off the bag to lead off, BOOM, he's tagged out...."

On the Set: Day Twelve (12) - (Monday, July 28, 2003)

"Today ended up being another slow day on-set. It also appeared to be another cold one. Of course, that did make sitting in the open-roofed Miller Park a wee bit uncomfortable most of the night...."

On the Set: Day Thirteen (13): Perseverance and Thanks - (Tuesday, July 29, 2003)

"When I turned around to face the field again, and they were all staring back at me, humorously in awe. "So, how are you so famous?" one of the girls asked, quite curiously...."

On the Set: Day Fourteen (14) - (Wednesday, July 30, 2003)

"Later, when we were sitting in the stands between takes for the first scene of the night, I mused at the snow falling around us. Of course it wasn't the typical wintery fluff, but rather...."

On the Set: Day Fifteen (15): The Last Day - (Thursday, July 31, 2003)

"Now that filming could begin again, the scene would be that of a number of very tight crowd shots during the last important game of the 2004 season (end of the movie). At the unexpected request of one of the crew, I found myself directly in that shot(s). Yes, it's been confirmed, I'll be featured in the final cut of that scene...."

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